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You know how family and career oriented men are extremely busy but want to be fit and confident in their physical abilities, but often are concerned about starting a workout routine because of their injury history or have chronically tight muscles that limit their movement?

Well, what I do is I train clients with a focus on full range of motion exercises and movements to help them move better, and get more mobility and strength.

In fact, I had a client in his 50s, who worked 60-70 hour weeks, increase the quality of his daily life by improving his range of motion, strengthening his weaknesses and teaching him how to make small changes to achieve big results.

Apply below to work with me and increase your quality of life and movement potential if you are in the San Diego area.


About Me

Hi, my name is Tyler Stubbs and I am the founder of Stubbs Fitness. I became a coach to help people like you regain control of your health, body and mind. I want to give you the important information and tools to succeed, things I wish I had when I first started my own all of those years ago. I am dedicated to helping you succeed on your personal journey and I want you to know that you are not on your own anymore.

Apply to work with me, sign up for the newsletter, reach out to attend a local Kinstretch class, or claim your free morning mobility routine (coming soon).

Dedicated to your success,

Tyler Stubbs


The Stubbs Fitness Blog

The Stubbs Fitness Blog was created to help people that I do not get to work with individually receive quality and actionable information. There is not an information problem, there is an implementation issue. We live in an era of information overload and 3 second Google searches, but people are still having trouble using this information practically. I dive in to hot topics and controversial issues and I try my best to give YOU actionable steps to improve your health and fitness. 

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